I recieved a copy of your letter about my nephew Peter Lesser.  As you probably know his father died when he was only about a year old and many times when he was young he lived with my parents and sister so he was very close to me.  On his first big trip we woke up one morning to discover his shoes.  He was running short of money and did not want to take any from us so he came back to N.Y.  on one of the queens- not sure if it was the Queen Mary ship or the Queen Elizabeth?  It was summer and he knew he would find an open window.  We went upstairs to discover him asleep in a spare bed!  He did not want to wake us up and you probably know the many places he visited.  He had a full life and will be greatly missed by his many friends and family.  I am grateful that he made a trip this summer to visit me in the nursing home and will remember him with fond memories.  Thank you for allowing me to share my memories with you.



Larry Lesser ( uncle to peter)