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From Chona Aquino e-mail Dec.5 2002

Dear Obata,
yes, i well also send my loving Memory of Pete. well,
i'm not so much good in english, but i well try. once again thank you so much for helping pete while he is in japan,
you shared the enjoyment to him...
i will never forget your kindness to us.
here is my memories of my loving peter...
It was unexpected night that i meet pete.
one of my friend who invite me for a birthday party.
he was gentle and talking to me very friendly.
he ask me where i live and talking about our personal life.
after a week i never expect that he visit me.
i've been very busy at the time coz i'm making flower pot's, except sunday i have no work.
pete, was very close to my kid's and my parents. because of his kindness and thoughtful person
he was very close to me and we developed our good relationship.
It was such an excited time, when pete decided to travel malaysia and he afford me to go with him to travel,
i don't really experience travelling by a yacht,
i'm not thinking if it's easy and okey by riding it.
but i'm just thinking for the excitement to be with pete to travel.
It was a sleepless night before the day to travel to malaysia,
the people at the bay on that day ring their bells to give their 'Von Boyage'to us,
how happy. I am during that time i never expect to see malaysia.
I only just experience to travel near provinces,
but out in the philip[pines is only that time when pete came into my life.
It was a good travel but when we almost reach Balabac Island that theirs also a strong rain accompanied by wind.
I was very frightened and scared,
our boat is so small that everytime the wind blow hard our boat also moves as if it will sunk.
but still pete and i strive hard, be strong enough and fight for any circumtances.
Oh! my god i thought after a that very frightened moment,
we could sail smoothly. but the very scared time was when happened i heared water came inside the boat.
I shouted to tell my sweetheart about it, and he said oh! this is very dangerous.
and this time i'm not only scared but i'm crying and praying.
I don't know what i did, it was such a very unexpected happening.
I'm so scared when pete tied up his waist with safety belt and drive into the sea, beacause the propeller was gone andthat's why the water came inside,
he brought epoxy to cover the whole. what i did inside was, i got pieces of cloth, plastic and put it through the hole,
I was crying very much frightened that all i'm thinking was i and pete will die that time.
Pete and I was very strong that we pass those trials and because 'God is so good and very helpful to us
." I LOVE PETE"very much that no one could compare of his being a good,kind,loving and thoughtful man.
He loves my kids as what he love me.
I maybe could not find a man like him, his hard to forget.
We enjoyed our travel inspite of the experiences, and we meet their at malaysia,
Wolfgang'MOYANA' one of our friend, i used to prepared his favorite food like chopsuey,barbeque,bam-i,grilledfish and above all he likes to eat fresh fruits.
He used to appreciate the food that i prepared for him, he even told this to his friends.
He even had his favorites music sang by 'Eagles', and we used to sing together with those songs.
He loves sing-along and let me sing also, he also love band's, we enjoyed a lot.
Pete and I had a very very happy moment together, no other thing could compare to our relationship,
he's really a man for me.
When he was in japan, he send me his pecture and a new boat.
I was very happy beacause we had already a big boat and we plan to sail again for a planned. after that, send e-mail to him through obata's computer, ask him a favor to come down to japan because i want to accompany him back to the philippines.
after two day's i check my e-mail, and obata told me that 'I think your e-mail is okey'.
I was so very happy for that news and feel excited to see him and a big boat.
'Im so worried about him at the time coz i now there's typhoon in japan, but i could not send e-mail to him again because obata is left already to malaysia.
I alway's pray that he travel safety. and after a week, obata send e-mail that i dont have to be worried because pete will go direct to bonbonon,
and i beleive, pete was so brave and a strong person.
When he travel to buy a new big boat i was very lonely for that months, but because of our communication through e-mail, my loneliness dissappear, i really missed him,
i want to hug and kiss him even, he told me everything he did. BUT i dont know, i was so surprised and very shock when his sister rosemary send me e-mail that his found dead insidethe new boat.
The new's was very difficult to admit,
i never expect this would happened, for the three years living together he never experienced bad to his health,
he's very a healthy man.
I was very,very upset to his lost.
It would not happened maybe, if i was there.
I even prepare to give the crossche that i've made for a surprise present to him,
i've made. use my day's and months to finished the crossche especially the big 'MERMAID He's the one who bought the things needed to have it, and to get away my lonely days i try to be busy doing this crossche. but....his already lost.
it very unfair, very,very hard and it's hurt me a lot...sweetheart....god know's how much i love you.&..i will never forget you.